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Unexpected Cravings: An Mpreg Asylum

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Created on 2009-05-01 05:34:18 (#147752), last updated 2010-05-06 (467 weeks ago)

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Name:Unexpected Cravings: An Mpreg Asylum
Posting Access:All Members
Welcome to Unexpected Cravings the first asylum at IJ specifically devoted to MPREG. For those of you who do not know, this means male pregnancy, and that means members of this community LOVE pregnant men. This asylum will be open to all fandoms, and if you have an mpreg asylum, please let us know so that we can either pimp your asylum or link on this info page.


1) If you do not like mpreg, pregnant men, or have a problem with slash, het, yaoi, genderbending, etc., then GTFO. No flames. Period. Thou shalt not flame, or thou shalt be booted merrily from our comm. We will lay down the banhammer on haters.

2) Additionally, no posting quizzes or memes.

3) Posts containing spoilers should be placed under a CUT and LABELED for a year after the initial airing, if from a show. Try to give a reasonable amount of time for spoilers for deadtree format fandoms.

4) Place large posts and graphics under a cut for dial-up or friends' page sanity!

5) In this asylum, feel free to discuss mpreg and the writing of mpreg in general or in specific fandoms and to post meta, fic, and art regarding mpreg. For the sake of organization, please title and tage your post with Fic, Meta, or Art and then tag your post with the specific fandom that you are discussing (if any).
Subject: Fic: Never Kiss An Alien On a First Date
Entry: Texttextext
Tags: fic, smallville

6) Please include a Warning section on all Fic and Art. This means an appropriate age rating and also a warning for rape, incest, abuse, or death. Anything that might trigger someone. Consistant failure to warn for these things will result in moddish thwacking.

The below posting guides should help you in deciding what to add in your post heading.

Posting guide for Fics/WiPs/Drabbles/Ficlets
Pairing: if applicable.
Section: WiP (Just add this if you’re posting a WiP, if your fic is finished, it’s not necessary)
Spoilers: if applicable.
Warnings: if applicable.
Word Count:
Notes: if applicable.

Posting guide for Manips/Headers/Art/Banners
Pairing: if applicable.
Challenge: if applicable.
Spoilers: if applicable.
Warnings: if applicable.

Posting guide for Vids
Music: if applicable.
Pairing: if applicable.
Spoilers: if applicable.

Your godly mods are:
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